Do you love to stand out from the crowd? Is your truck customized inside and/or out? Does the weekend mean it's time to hit the trail , head to the track or just get out for some fun? Well you're already a member of the pack!

Checkout the videos below and then get your hands on one of our Bully Dog Performance Tuners.

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Pack Member of the Week: The Hardcore Pursuit

When the team on Hardcore Pursuit hits the road for a hunt, Bully Dog is in their trucks. The Bully Dog BDX Performance Programmer lets them customize their truck to give them the drive that they need so that they can focus on their mission. 

The Run With The Pack Video Vault

Have a look at the videos below and see for yourself why you need to run with the pack!

Does a Bully Dog programmer void my warranty?

The short answer is No. You are protected under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. The Magnuson-Moss Act protects you from a dealer automatically voiding your warranty just because you have installed an aftermarket part. Using our product is no different than putting a cold air intake on your vehicle.

We recommend returning your vehicle to stock before you take it in for service or warranty work. Not only will this help with any claims the dealer may have, it is also because if the dealer sees a tune on the vehicle they will most likely flash it back to manufacturers stock (which means you lose any preloads or custom tunes files you may have).


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